Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Sweet Wee Dog

I have a Scottish friend with a daughter named Jenny. When Jenny was little she would look at Cali and said, "Oh mummy. Look at her sweet wee face." Tucker is away at Bonne Bay Pond for a few days so Calico and I decided to go for a wee walk, just the two of us, to see what we could see.

Here is my sweet wee dog setting out on our walk along the pipeline.

We saw a lovely wee Hare Bell nesteled among some wild strawberry flowers.

Dasies? Asters? Fleabane? Help!! The flower is daisy-like.
But it is wee, compact, bushy with skinny leaves which makes it aster or fleabane-like.

I've posted picutres of these beautiful flowers before. But we saw lots of these wonderful Yellow Lady's Slippers today and just had to share. The Yellow Lady's Slippers are very wee compared to the Showy and Pink variety.

This one is in full glory.

My sweet wee dog taking a wee....sweet!


Anonymous said...

Paula says. . . Deborah, I chose the picture of the Yellow Lady Slippers with the grey rocks at the base as my screen saver page. The picture of the "wee" daisies is so beautiful.They are so delicate.

Elaine said...

Girl, you were born to blog! I love the wee dog taking a wee.

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