Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ABC Wednesday ~ K

ABC Wednesday ~K


K is for keen. The word 'keen' can have many meanings. If referring to a knife or axe, it means having a sharp edge or point. It can mean quick in seeing, hearing or thinking. It can mean to wail or moan in lament.

For this post, I am using the word keen in the sense of being eager. I am getting tired of winter and am keen to get some nice, warm spring weather. This is what my world still looks like, though we are officially into our second week of spring.

The word keen also appears in the Dictionary of Newfoundland English. In Newfoundland keen can mean "wonderful". In reference to the weather it means 'perfect of its kind and season'. Even though we are still surrounded by snow and ice, this picture was taken on a keen day. It was above zero degrees celcius there were no clouds in the sky and the ice on the pond is melting, making life a little easier for the ducks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ABC Wednesday ~ J

J is for Jay!

Last week on a particularly nice, almost warm, sunny day I went for a ski all by myself. I stopped for a rest at the Gazebo and while I was enjoying a drink of water and a banana, a curious Gray Jay ( Canada Jay) sat on the eave of the Gazebo eyeing my snack.

So I shared my banana with my new little friend. Jays of course, with eat almost anything and will sit quite close to you and even eat out of your hand. At first I just let him pick at the banana peel. In this picture he seems to be thinking, "Is this all I get?"

Then I gave him a more substantial piece, which he really enjoyed. I have also heard Jays refered to as "Whiskey Jacks". I'm not sure where that nickname came from but I am sure there is a story behind it.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Skywatch Friday

This picture was taken last May ( I am getting tired of taking cold, snowy pictures). In addition to a blue sky with colouring book clouds, you can see a little bit of my home town Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Corner Brook is located in the mouth of the Bay of Islands and is surrounded by mountains. You can see a bit of the snow capped Blow Me Down Mountains in the distance. These are part of the Long Range Mountains which are a continuation of the Appalachian Mountain Belt.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ABC Wednesday - I

ABC Wednesday

I is for Icicle

These particular icicles ( sometimes we call them ice candles) are hanging from the Gazebo roof. Those of you who have read my blog before will know that the Gazebo is really an A-Frame cabin in my favorite ski park. I wanted to find an "I" that was less wintery but the cold, snowy winter must have frozen my creative juices...so icicles it is.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Skywatch Friday

This is one of my favorite times of the year. We are getting less snow falling and longer, brighter days. It makes for wonderful days of snowshoeing and cross country skiing. These pictures were taken on Wednesday at Blow-me-Down Cross Country Ski Trails. The sky was intensely blue and practially cloudless.

This is the "Gazebo". Its actually an a-frame cabin in the woods. You have a 5 kilometer ski to get there. There is a wood stove inside and visitors are allowed to make a fire to boil the kettle, or just to warm up. I was the only one there on this visit so I opted to sit outside on a bench and enjoy the view.

Here is part of the view as seen through the railing on the deck.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

H is for Handsome

ABC Wednesday

H is for .......Handsome

Here is my very Handsome dog Tucker. Tucker is a Border Collie-Schipperke mix. Both of these breeds are herding dogs which makes for a very energetic pet. We don't live on a farm so Tucker uses his skills to chase squirrels, children, snowmobiles, and tennis balls.

He absolutely loves tennis balls. He will bounce them and catch them, chase them around the house and sometimes just lie there squishing them in his mouth.

H is also for Helpful.

Here he is helping Cali wait for the mailman.

H is for Handfull

He can be quite a handfull. He has destroyed my window sheers, most of my throw cushions and loves to chew anything with a wooden or plastic handle and he will steal food if it isn't out of reach. But he is also the sweetest, most loving, full of personality dog I have ever known. He is my constant companion when I am snowshoeing, hiking, going for a leisurely walk or just chilling out in front of the T.V.

If you would like to see how talented he is, check out his singing video H is also for Howling. However if you watch the video clip I think you will agree that he is singing, not howling.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Ice Bells

Skywatch Friday
Ice Bells

It was a gloriously sunny day today. It was -4 celcius but not a breath of wind and you can actually feel some warmth to the sun. I took Jesse (my brother's dog) and Tucker for a walk around Margaret Bowater Park, and took a couple of Skywatch pictures. The sky was mostly blue with a few fluffy clouds.

I stopped on the bridge over Corner Brook Stream. If that name seems a little redundant its because the community's name is Corner Brook, and the Stream runs through it. I noticed some interesting ice formations on a tree seen here on the left.

So I zoomed in to take a closer look and discovered the prettiest ice bells hanging from the tree. There were a number of stringy branches hanging down, creating a wicking effect and the water and spray had frozen to create these lovely ornaments. Some of them are in the water, but some are hanging above it.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ABC Wednesday ~ G

ABC Wednesday ~ G

G is for Guitar

Nephew Dave and his wife Robyn were visiting me during the East Coast Music Awards. On their last night here we had a party and David entertained us with his wonderful voice and amazing guitar skills.
Click on David Bradshaw if you would like to hear some of his music.

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