Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Bloomin'

I'm finally getting around to posting to my blog again. Elaine had been asking me what was growing in my neck of the woods, and Paula has been missing Corner Brook as this is the first year for a long time that she hasn't come home for a few weeks in the summer. So I took my camera and Tucker for a walk up the Lower Pipeline Loop. It was warm and sunny and we saw lots of blogworthy sights. Tucker even managed to scare off a rabbit....which was moving way too fast to be captured either digitally or by a dog, so you will have to take my word on that.

I found it rather ironic that I spent most of the morning pulling dandelions from my garden only to be amazed at how beautiful they were in the park....Not in my backyard. These are the real Pissdabeds.

Not to be confused with Coltsfoot...which only resemble Pissdabeds.

There are lots of wild strawberry plants.

Common Butterwort are just starting to bloom. These small plants are carniverous . They have a soapy leaf that attracts and traps insects that provide nutrients for the plant.

I saw lots of flowering trees. Some may be wild cherries or whitewood berries. This one may be one that produces a small, edible, purplish berry that some call wild plums or wild pears.

This was the best find of the day. Its a Yellow lady's Slipper or Yellow Moccasin, that was just barely opened. I think its a bit early because I know there are more in the area but this is the only one I saw.

Mosr of the ferns were fully opened but a few were still at the fiddlehead stage.

Mayflowers are pretty much past their "Best Before" date. However, there are still a few to be seen. They actually have another name which I can't recall at the moment, but we call them Mayflowers. Irv used to pick a small bunch for Mom every year. They have a wonderful, sweet smell.

Hopefully we will get some more nice sunny weather so I can continue collecting wild flower pictures. I lost all those I had collected last year....had to have the computer reformatted and neglected to back up the file........arghh.


Elaine said...

I envy you the walks with Tucker. Love the fleurs!

Anonymous said...

Paula says. . .I am lucky to have a best friend who likes exactly what I like . . including doing as little housework as possible. The field of dandelions is so beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to post these lovely pictures.
p.s. The may flowers are called Trailing Arbutus I think.

troutbirder said...

Great wildflower pictures. Thanks