Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week One- Ontario

Even though I am retired, and could technically go on a vacation any time of the year, its still nice to take a week or two during the summer and go on an adventure and visit friends and family. This summer I spent two weeks in Ontario.

The first week was spent with my friend Paula who lives with her husband and three daughters in New Market.

We took a day trip to Centre Island. I had never been there before. We spent a few hours walking around the island looking at the formal gardens, watching people riding bikes and enjoying the garden's of the residents. I like this picture of Paula, Andrea and Paula's sister-in-law Ann looking across at the Toronto skyline.

Paula and Angela (Paula's youngest) spent four days (three nights) exploring Algonquin park. I enjoy hiking and having picnics but I don't enjoy camping any more so we stayed in a lovely hotel in Huntsville.

On our way to Huntsville we stopped at Webers for amazing hamburgers and fries. This is a vey popular hamburger stand that has an amazing system for serving large numbers of people in a short time. I like this picture because I accidentally caught my reflection in the side mirror!

The weather was warm and humid so we opted for taking many small hikes rather than some of the longer hikes. This picture was taken by a lookout on a trail called Hardwood Hills. Angela looks so nice with her long hair, stylish jeans and lovely figure. As for me, this is a good illustration why people with short, stubby legs probably shouldn't wear capri length pants with hiking boots!!!!! What Not to Wear!

While admiring the beautiful landscape, we would often compare the views to areas of Newfoundland. One big difference however, is the abundance of very large pine trees. This one was on a trail called Big Pines. Look Up! Waaaaaay up!

I did mention that the weather was a little humid!

Here I am striking my "Superwoman" pose on Lookout trail.

It wouldn't be an outdoor adventure without some wildlife sightings. We saw two moose including this young bull.

At our picnic site we were lucky enough to spot this mother duck and her youngens. It was somewhat windy and the ducklings had a challenge to keep up with mom.

This toad very kindly stayed still for me to take this up close and personal picture. Every thing is its own way.

These were just highlights of my first week in Ontario. Stay tuned for week two.


Anonymous said...
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littleorangeguy said...

Your toad gets my picture of the day award.

Elaine said...

It was nice to see these photos again. You need to make sure you have a Superwoman photo from every vacation in the future. Still missing you!