Saturday, October 3, 2009

Toy Tales

Here are two of Tuckers toys, safely perched on the piano. On the left is Orange Bert so named because of his orange sherbet colour. He replaced Pink Bunny who is no longer with us because my brother's Labrador, Jesse, eviscerated him. Orange Bert hasn't got much stuffing, nor has he a sqeaker, so he should be safe from Jesse. On Orange Bert's right is Squirrel.....Squirrel's fur has become rather stiff and matted from being chewed on so much. But so far, at least, he is intact.

Can't say the same for Earless Bunny. Earless Bunny was One-Eared Bunny until yesterday when he lost his second ear to a Tucker attack. Sorry Bunny but better your ear than my pillows or oven mitts.

And this is Headless Puddy. Puddy, as she was once known, has been around for a long time. It was a gift, for me, from cousin Elaine many years ago. Then along came Cali! Puddy was chewed and shaken and much enjoyed. Puddy kept her head until Jesse got at her one day. Poor Puddy. Now nobody knows if she is coming or going!

My Energetic Dog

I often comment and sometimes complain that Tucker has an over abundance of energy. He also knows how to relax.

I rest my case!