Friday, June 13, 2008

Deb and Tucker's adventure

It stopped raining for a bit today so Tucker and I went for a little walk up Marble Mountain again. We went on our own so only went up past the small lift. After the rain we've been having everything looked so lush and fresh. As we were going around a bend, I saw what I believed to be a rabbit, sitting in the road. When I zoomed in on it with my camera...I realized it was another stunned grouse.

Mr. Grouse even allowed me to take a video clip. I appologize for the lame commentary and the wobbles in the middle of the clip.

Tucker didn't bother with the grouse. I'm guessing it wasn't challenging enough as it let us get really close. Bored with grouse watching, Tucker went off into the woods and came out with a moose hoof!!!! ewwwwww. Luckily it wasn't attached to anything. I couldn't get it from him so Tucker walked back down hill with this toe in his mouth, stopping occasionaly to have a chew. I managed to get it from him once he was in the car......ewwwwwww!


Anonymous said...

Paula says. . . "A moose's hoof! That's gross, Deborah!!! Also, I'm going to make up a new saying, "stunned as a grouse".

Elaine said...

Two thumbs up for "stunned as a grouse". The video is great!

Tucker has the most disgusting habits. He'd have done well on Fear Factor.

littleorangeguy said...

My new greeting for you: "Whaddya doin' there, Grouse?"

Clearly, Tucker sawed this hoof off with his hunting knife.