Monday, July 30, 2007

Critters and more critters

The Princess In Her Tiara

Psycho-Dog Dreams of the Tennis Ball that Got Away

Meet the cats in our extended critter family. This is Max, Jennifers cat. Max a.k.a. Mr. Magoo has an eye condition that makes him light sensitive, hence the squinting. He is very friendly and likes to smell your mouth and chew your hair.

Max likes to dress up in his spare time.

This is Salem, also Jennifer's cat. Salem is much too dignified for a nickname and when asked to play dress-up hides under a blanket. Max and Salem together can open cupboards, bi-fold doors and can get water from a water cooler. They once shared 1/2 a pack of birth control pills but suffered no ill effects, though Jennifer felt it brought out their feminine side.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here it goes

I have succumbed to cousin pressure and am venturing into the world of blogging. Be patient and don't expect anything witty or wildly interesting until I get the hang of this.

Since I've named my blog "Gone to the dogs" I should start with the dogs.

Here is my current critter family:

They enjoy looking out the window and protecting the house from intruders....they are really good at getting rid of mailcarriers. Cali has no idea that she is 1/3 Tucker's size.

This is Cali a.k.a "The Princess". She loves to cuddle in my good duvet, sleeps on my bed and insits upon being carried up stairs that have no carpet. She's a picky eater and weighs around 10.5 lbs.

This is Tucker a.k.a. "Psycho Dog". He likes to chew anything with a plastic or wooden handle, he sleeps wherever he feels like and loves to hunt for squirrels and tennis balls (in the woods behind the tennis courts). He loves Timbits. His nickname at the Tim's driverthrough is 'drooler'. He's been known to eat plastic, wood, and moose fur. Tucker weighs around 38 lbs. Though he's not on the Wanted list, his picture has appeared on other blogs.