Sunday, October 26, 2008

More interesting sights on the trail.

Well there is always something interesting to see if you just get out there and look. Tucker and I were taking one of our favorite walks today up to 3 mile dam via the gorge trail and then back to the park following the pipeline

As we were walking along the pipeline, Tucker and I looked back to see a line of young girls......walking ON the pipeline. so we waited and watched.
There were 2 older girls with their hair tied back in black snoods.

They were all wearing pretty coloured, ankle-length dresses. The younger girls had long hair in plaits. They were very pleasant and told me they do this all the time. I am guessing by the way they were dressed and their hair style, they probably belong to a particular religious group. Interesting....

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Elaine said...

Very unusual, you see the darndest things/people on that walk. Did Tucker react as he did with the chair?