Saturday, October 4, 2008

Herdman Revisited

You may or may not know that Herdman Collegiate is no more. Its been undergoing major renovations over the past few years and will reopen as the High School for the entire Corner Brook area and I think its new name will be Corner Brook High. Anyway I think during the renovations the spirits of the class of '72 must have been disturbed because over the past few weeks I have heard from and about several of my old friends that I haven't seen for years. Then, right out of the blue this week I had a phone call from an old friend (Doreen) saying that another old friend (Joan) was in town and perhaps we could round up a bunch of other old friends ( I'm overusing the word "old" aren't I) thanks to Dorreen we had a real blast from our past. A lot can happen in 36 years.

For the sake of easy recall I am using maiden names. In the back: Sharon Penny and Doreen Belbin. The others from left to right: Nancy Oxford, Sigrid Lundrigan, Moi, Joan White, Sue Kennedy, Barb Hicks.

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Elaine said...

This is a great photo! Where did you have dinner? You know me, it's always about the food.....