Friday, September 19, 2008

Wild Mushroom Hunting

When I was in Algonquin park this summer I took this very cool picture of a very pretty mushroom. I think it looks like something from outerspace. I have no idea how to identify mushrooms. I assume you have to look at size and colour.

So I decided to take a walk through the woods in Corner Brook to see if I could find some more pretty 'shrooms and was very surprised at the variety. There was this one which was growing out of a mossy bank and has a crinkely top like a meringue cookie.

I found lots of these little wee orange mushrooms. This one was roundish but some were more flat topped.

I found some that were a delicate brown.

And others that were a deep rich brown.

And more that were larger, and very white.

From the October issue of Harrowsmith: "of the world's 12,000 species [of mushrooms] only about 20 are edible. Some can do you real harm, if not kill you." Needless to say I shall stick to taking pictures of them. I wouldn't eat one unless it was picked by a certified expert and prepared by an experienced chef...and then I would be asking the chef to take the first bite.

Tucker says that searching for mushrooms is very tiring work!


Elaine said...

Tucker looks like he's trippin' on the 'shrooms! Great photos.

littleorangeguy said...

Maybe I'll come and make you some pasta al funghi...

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