Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week two - Ontario

Finally I am getting to week two of my great Ontario Adventure.

After I left Paula and her family in New Market, I set off for Toronto. There I met up with Cousin Elaine and we spent the day chatting and poking around downtown Toronto. We visited 3 churches. My favorite was The Church of the Holy Trinity. As you can see from this picture...the pews are not very comfortable. But the church itself has a very strong feeling of community.

Later in the day Elaine and I set off for Sara and Kelly's. We had a delicious meal with them and then spent the evening looking at family pictures and sharing stories. Thanks Kelly for putting up with us.

Sara and Elaine in front of Sara and Kelly's house. I didn't get any picutres of Kelly...sheesh!

Sara is making coffee for our breakfast. I just love, love their wonderful house. There is just so much to look at.

Including their two beautiful cats. This is Harry (a.k.a. little orange guy).

And this is Daisy. Daisy and I had an immediate bond.

After breakfast we took a leisurely walk to the Beaches. Part of our walk was through a ravine, where I took this picture of Sara taking a picture of Elaine taking a picture of some flowers.....

We had a great walk along the beach, where we saw some interesting sights, including this ghostly ship....

......and a very cool, goggle-wearing dog. City folks! What will they think of next???

After our stay in Toronto, Elaine and I headed to Woodstock. We had a great week that included attending a folk festival in Ingersol.

These children were making and wearing flower wreaths.

We went to Stratford to see The Music Man, which we really enjoyed. It was an extremely hot day so we spent as little time outside as possible, and we consoled ourselves with icecream at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. My new friend here was dressed in honor of the musical.

Gray decided he might like to go home with me. Elaine and Geoff said no! I'll bring a bigger suitcase next time Gray.


Elaine said...

This is a great entry. Your photos are excellent and brought a wistful tear to my eye. Didn't we have a wonderful time with Sara and Kelly?

Anonymous said...

Paula says. . .
I loved your picture of the little church just outside the Eaton's Centre. The day Angela and I were there all the pews had been put to one side to install I thought new pews or maybe a new floor. There were lots of very long boxes there and tons of workman. Sara and Kelly what a sweet little house you have.

littleorangeguy said...

These pictures were worth the wait! I don't really have any good pcitures of our visit...