Saturday, March 29, 2008

Signs of Spring.....sort of

So we have had one full week of Spring and I suppose, because Easter was so early, we are all under the impression that it should be more springy outside. But lets face it, Its Newfoundland. And even when we do get an early spring, its probably not our best season. Don't get me wrong, I love spring. I love all the seasons and the change in seasons. But I had a real struggle this week trying to find some "signs' that I could share on my blog. So I had to stop thinking about crocuses and robins and green grass and find some things that really represent early spring in my neck of the woods.

Spring is......

Mucky snow....lots and lots of mucky snow.

Which creates...mucky dogs.....very mucky dogs.

And lots of dog muck! Yes, this is a picture of dog poop. Once there is even a skim of snow on the back deck, my dogs feel it is permissable to pee and poop on the deck. Even though I try to clean up regularly, it gets covered with snow.....lots and lots of snow. Then, when it starts to melt, am left with icy yellow snow and lots and lots of poop. If I don't get it chipped out of the snow when its at the "poopsickle' stage, I am left with poop soup....nice.....

But its not just muck. There's also "rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrim to win"........Please play again!

And daffodils. Not from the garden of course but I think I am safe in saying that there are no daffodils growing in gardens in Ontario yet either. And lets not forget the Easter Bunny!

And to be optomistic, the ice is melting on Glynmill Inn Pond.

The trail benches are starting to peek through the snow.

And if you look very closely, you can see that buds are starting to swell on the trees. Hope "Springs" eternal.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Deborah, you have made my day. (By the way, mom says if one more person says to her,"Oh it must be so cold down in Newfoundland!!", she's going to bonk them over the head with her old lady purse!. . .Paula.

littleorangeguy said...

And then she can go feed them to the mean swans in Glynmill Inn pond. I love the picture of the pod, and you gave me a great laugh.