Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Break

Technically I don't get a March break. In Newfoundland schools are closed for a week at Easter, plus I am retired so every day is a holiday!!!! But My friend Paula teaches in Ontario and she usually comes to the Rock for her March break to see her mother and of course to have adventures with me.

This is Paula snowshoeing on the Lower Pipeline trail.

This is me, on the same trail.

Paula has 3 daughters. This year her middle daughter Denise came with Paula on her March Break adventure. This is Denise and her mom posing for a photo op while snowshoeing on the Gorge trail.

We also did a bit of skiing at the Blow Me Down Cross Country Ski Trails. I go there regularly. There are kilometers and kilometers of groomed trails with lovely names like Sly Fox, Fox Valley, the Lynx, Moose Run and Bog Slog. My favorite thing to do is to ski into the Gazebo. the Gazebo is a rustic cabin 5 km into the woods. On Saturdays the Gazebo ladies ( 4 women in their late 60's and early 70's) cook up toutons, beans and other treats. A dollar will buy you a hot chocolate and for another $1.50 they will add a shot of Old Sam. Paula,Denise and I went in on a week day so we had the place to ourselves.

Paula and Denise are enjoying their lunch.

Denis and I inside the Gazebo. Yes Denise, I know you are waaaaaaaay taller than me!

I miss my skiing and snowshoeing buddies. They are gone back to Ontario now. Did I mention that Denise's name is Denise Deborah? I have a video of her skiing down moose run. That will appear in my next post.


littleorangeguy said...

Now that looks like a lot of fun. I have a lot of good X-country skiing memories from home, almost all of which involve hot chocolate with a little shot of something.

Elaine said...

I second the motion from "little orange guy" about the shot of something in the hot chocolate - Baileys works for me!

Looks like you, Paula and Denise had a great time and beautiful conditions for your healthy pursuits. Great photos!