Saturday, February 16, 2008


This is my first post for quite some time. My digital camera broke just before Christmas and I have just gotten around to buying a new one. Since my cousins and my best friend who all live in Ontario have been bragging/complaining about all the snow they have been having this winter, I thought I would remind them of what a typical winter is like back here in Newfoundland. I woke up this morning humming "In the Bleak Midwinter" and was reminded of the beautiful post that Sara created to that beautiful Christmas hymn and I had to go revisit it.

A view from Glynmill Inn Pond, with Sir Richard Squires Building in the background.

My house and driveway as seen from the road.

Looking up Corner Brook Stream from the bridge on Glynmill Inn pond.

Looking out my front door on a blustery day. Note that my finch feeder is now only about a half a meter above the snow.

Another view of the tree and bird feeder in a less blustery moment.

A winter fashionista!!!! Could I have pulled my hat down any lower?! What a Geek!

Tucker slogging through some deep snow in the Participark. I didn't fare much better and was wishing I had my snowshoes.


Elaine said...

The winter update is great! I think you and cousin Sara get the awards for snowfalls. We have a pittance compared to the two of you.

littleorangeguy said...

Deb, those pictures are beautiful. We are supposed to get even more snow tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Oh Deborah! You do have a lot of snow. Our's really is a puny amount compared to you guys. Denise has never seen snow in Corner Brook. She says "Holy Shit!"