Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I have to keep up with the cousins and show some more snow pictures of Corner Brook. I don't think we have as much as Ontario seems to have at the moment, but I think that is going to change overnight!

Tucker enjoys the freedom of the trail.

What's taking you so long? Stay with the program!

Some little birdies enjoying a rest in my maple. Marion Hann's house is in the background.

A lonely park bench on the Glynmill Inn Trail, probably thinking its going to be quite a while before anyone will want to be sitting on it....brrrrrr......


littleorangeguy said...

Yeah, we do have more snow -- for now, anyway. Supposed to warm up next week... Elaine is right; this is our childhoods all over again.

Elaine said...

Can't you just feel your nose hairs freezing when you look at those photos.

Tucker must be a riot in the snow.