Saturday, April 26, 2008

Signs of spring -part 3

Once again I went, armed with my digital camera, in search of more signs of spring. I must admit, its getting easier, though winter hasn't completely checked out yet. There is still snow in my back yard and in the woods.

You again....don't you ever stay home?

Pissdabeds! You may know them as coltsfoot ma'am..... a dandelion-like flower.

Some crocuses from my garden.

More crocuses!

What would spring be without some Pussy Willows.........

Now this defintely reminds me of spring. I love hanging out clothes, and I do so as soon as the weather permits. This, however, is my neighbours clothesline and the picture was taken a week ago. There is a little less snow in the backyard this week.

This is Jesse, Mikki and Cali flaked out on my sofa in the den. It has nothing to do with spring but was too cute not to share. Tucker was napping elsewhere in the house. Time for me to get a new dog blanket I think.


Anonymous said...

Deborah, you really brought me back to my childhood with the "pissabeds"! and the picture of the 3 dogs with all the sunshine shadows in the background is so peaceful.. . .Paula

Elaine said...

The three sleeping beauties, they're adorable.

littleorangeguy said...

I totally forgot about pissabeds. As I recall, the name matches the smell!