Sunday, November 18, 2007


November has been an interesting month when it comes to weather. Early this month we had wind storm. I think it was the tail end of Hurricane or Tropical storm Noel. Noel blew down lots of trees on the nice trails that I like to walk on every day. I went for a walk during the wind storm ( the day before these pictures were taken) and you could hear trees creaking in the woods and I realized it wasn't Fallen trees I needed to watch out for, It was Falling trees.

Had to detour around this one that fell across the path on the Glynmill Inn Pond trail.

And another one across the trail around the pond.

This one is hanging across the path on the upper trail ( Pipleine Trail)

Then, about a week later we had snow. Lots and lots of snow. This is up along the Pipeline near 3 Mile Dam. I was wishing I had my snowshoes.

Tucker didn't mind that he didn't have snowshoes. He was able to move much faster than me, but was nice enough to wait and let me catch up.

Then we had some mild weather ( up to 18 degrees) , some rain and some sun. the snow is all gone, the trails are mucky, but we soldier on.

Here's a nice rainbow I managed to capture digitally a couple of days ago.

And another view of the rainbow

Its a dog's life don't you think? We should all have it so good.

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