Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day

Canada Day~ 2009
This picture of Tucker wasn't actually taken on Canada Day. It was taken on the weekend at my brother's cabin. I've included this picture in my post because of the very Canadian red background and because I think its a rather fetching picture of my handsome dog......I could have said a handsome picture of my fetching dog....but I didn't, because he doesn't.

On Canada Day, July 1, I took a morning walk on the upper Corner Brook Stream Trail to see what was blooming this week.
I found some Showy Ladyslippers.....

Labrador Tea

Partidgeberry blossoms

A single Pink Ladyslipper

....and a cluster of Yellow Ladyslippers....which are near the end of their blooming.
In the afternnoon I took another walk, minus Tucker as by now it was nearly 30 degrees. There were celebrations in Margaret Bowater Park. I saw a gentleman with his Newfoundland Dog......

A family on a ride.....they look like they're in a tin can.

A very small ferris wheel...

A Tuba player.....

....and a band!
Alas! It was much too hot for me. So I went back home and relaxed for the remainder of Canada day.


A Scattering said...

Very cute turn of words on Tucker and fetching! Wah-ha-ha! Great flower shots as usual and fun fair stuff.

littleorangeguy said...

My worst Canada Day ever was when I was a Hostess Munchie in Margaret Bowater Park. Oh, the memories.