Saturday, October 13, 2007

More colour

These pictures were taken a week or so ago while I was taking a hike with Tucker on the Gorge/ Pipleine trail which runs from Margaret Bowater Park., parallel to the pipeline then crosses the stream to connect with the Gorge Trail. Its my favorite "In town" hike. Its beautiful and takes us around 2 hours to complete. This is just before the colours hit their peak.

Some colour along the trail

Looking toward the pipleine from the top of the trail on Crocker's road

I think this may be proof that God approves of green shag carpet. Who would have thought?

Corner Brook Stream as seen from the bridge on the Gorge/Pipeline trail


Elaine said...

One of these years, I'll have to take my vacation home in the fall. There are few places prettier than the Humber Valley in October.

The photo of you and Tip almost made me a bit weepy.

littleorangeguy said...

These are fantastic pictures! Is this the walk that goes up behind Grenfell -- Elizabeth, Kelly and I took Brian`s and John`s kids for a walk up there when they were really little and Ian was so excited we almost lost him off the edge of a cliff into Corner Brook stream. Good times.

I absolutely love the picture of you and Tip. Brings back other memories of the cabin and Uncle Cec and his pipe.