Monday, September 10, 2007

How I Spent My Summer Holidays- part 2

Well it was a very busy summer indeed. After my trip to Ireland ( and yes Sara and Kelly you should go to Ireland if you go to England next year) I was busy playing with my friend Paula, who was home for a month visiting her mother. We did a bit of hiking in Gros Morne Park.

Paula enjoying a break during our hike of Trout River Pond

But we also took time to relax a bit.

Me...relaxing with Harry Potter and a cold one on the deck of the Jesseau's cottage in Woody Point

We were lucky enough to see an American Bald Eagle, just before we got to Rocky Harbour. It was on the top of a tree that was on an embakement by the road. It was an awsome sight.

Elaine came to visit the middle of August. She and I went to the Writer's at Woody Point festival. These pictures are compliments of Elaine and are published with her permission.

Shelagh Rogers was the emcee for the writers festival. She laughs a lot!!

Elaine and I raising a toast on the 17th of August. The 17th of every month is our official "Red Hat" day. August 17 was the 2nd anniversary of our Red Hat club. Our Friends Inge and Marilyn are the other members.

Me, assuming my superwoman pose on the Coastal Trail ( near Baker's Brook)

A view of the Table Lands from the Table Lands Trail

The north end of a grouse heading south

It wasn't all fun this summer. Tucker learned to drive.

Cali wanted out......

And I did some babysitting which was definitely fun.

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